November 1, 2012

Prayer power!

Our recent Discussion about prayer in the Christian Poets & Writers group on LinkedIn evoked some great metaphors.

As Michael Spangle said, “Prayer has no more power than an electric cord. Plugging the cord into a wall outlet will connect the device the cord is connected to with the power in the wall outlet. Prayer is like that. It connects us to the power God has. Then power flows into our lives through prayers said in faith.”

When we see our prayers as a means of plugging into God for our current concerns we won't be shocked by the power we have in Christ. (All puns intended.)

A big concern, though, (thanks Rosalie Squires) is if a frayed cord interrupts the power flow to us from God.

To carry the analogy further, some have experienced violent trauma that broke the plug, while others (like me) have allowed ourselves to get circuit overload that caused static or burn-out.

As Christians in general and Christian Poets & Writers in particular, however, we do have prayer power – for ourselves, our country, other people, and the church.

The more open we are to God's healing work in us, the more likely we are to help our readers of all genres and become truly skilled electricians for Christ.


© 2012, Mary Harwell Sayler, all rights reserved, but pass it on!

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