September 27, 2012

Social Networking for fun and profit

The “profit” part of the above title will, most likely, occur in ways besides money, but that can happen too – and actually has for me. Not only did I get a couple of writing gigs from a “Call for Manuscripts” on Twitter, one assignment paid well the first time then again a year or so later as a reprint. I have also been “found” by poets, writers, and editors who want my professional opinion through a paid critique or writing consult.

Usually, though, the profitable part pays off by connecting with other Christian poets and writers and hearing what they have to say. It’s sort of like having a church group to uphold us in shared goals to:

Spread the Good News of God’s forgiveness,

Love one another despite our denominational differences, real or imagined (but often the latter,)

Overcome "bad press" about Christianity,

Up-build the Body of Christ.

If we’re going to get any writing done, however, we need to pray, focus, and be left alone to write! The Presence of God remains with us, but sometimes we just need information or encouragement from a Christian counselor, especially if that person happens to be a poet or writer who has a clue about what the life of a Christian writer is like. (If you’ve ever tried to explain what you do to a non-writer or almost anyone vying for your attention, you know what I mean.)

So with prayer and the hope of common-union with one another and profitable service for the Body of Christ, I recently began groups for Christian Poets & Writers on Facebook and LinkedIn. Why both? They’re like two different body parts with bodily functions that might overlap, but not much!

The Christian Poets & Writers group on Facebook gives us a chance to post frequent updates about our plans, blog postings, upcoming events, and encouraging words that God brings to mind and spirit. We can quickly respond with a “Like” to encourage other poets and writers, too, or add a comment, or “Share” info relevant to our other Facebook pages.
If you're a member (free), post your full URL and ask to be added to the blogroll. To keep this work encouraged and going, add the Christian Poets & Writers blog to your blogroll and list of recommended sites too. Thanks and blessings.


©2012, Mary Harwell Sayler

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