June 21, 2012

What to do if your work weighs you down

One of the biggest problems I’ve had over the years as a Christian writer is getting overloaded with “good work.” Demands and deadlines appear, while time disappears too quickly—a problem Jesus also encountered in His work.

So if your work-schedule has become too burdensome or sent you scurrying around at warp speed, the best response to the title is “nothing.” Just sit down a while. Rest up. Pray. Read a Psalm. Read this poem:

by Mary Harwell Sayler

The spider owns the air
on which the web is woven,
the bird that patch of sky.

Why does my work weigh me down?

In the beginning, the Creator made work
an invitation,
not the chore that later came
when the garden got
left behind.

Rampant ideas
tangle untended.

Money mars motivation.

Time demands priorities.

Deadlines jangle,
words juggle
to fit a perfect page.


May this day be woven
of sky and air and Holy

Let God be
the center
of the air, the work, the


© 2012, Mary Sayler, all rights reserved. The poem "Laborious" appears in Mary's poetry book Living in the Nature Poem published by Hiraeth Press © 2012.
May the peace and quiet of the Lord be with you always.


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