May 28, 2012

Writing on Memorial Day and beyond

Yesterday for Pentecost we celebrated the Jewish memorial to the coming of the Torah and the Christian memorial to the coming of the Holy Spirit. Today we celebrate and remember the men and women who serve this country and protect our freedoms.

What a privilege to live in the United States of America! What a wonderful gift to have freedom to worship God! What an amazing gift to live as Holy Spirit-filled citizens in the Kingdom of God!

As Christian poets, writers, and editors we also have the gift and privilege to research, write, edit, publish, and review Bible-based books, articles, devotionals, poems, stories, letters, post-a-notes, email, text messages, and other genres that help us to “memorialize” our faith as we honor God, remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and celebrate the Holy Spirit in our lives.


© 2012, Mary Sayler, all rights reserved. For short articles and devotionals on a variety of Bible topics, follow Blogs by Mary. And may God remind us of all we have been given to write with enthusiasm and love in Jesus’ Name.


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