April 30, 2021

I Sing Better With Him Behind


Has your voice ever slid off-key for lack of breath or unfamiliarity with a hymn? As our vocal chords age, it’s harder for most of us to hold a note or stay consistently in tune.

When our extended family members come back to Florida for the winter and early spring, I look forward to Henry’s return. As soon as I see him, I eagerly point to the seat behind me where I can hear his pleasing voice. Not only that, but my own voice instantly improves!

Who do you need to have your back?

What voice do you hope to hear?

What key verses keep you in tune with God’s Will?


Prayer: Loving Father, help us to hear You well as You speak to us through Your Word. Help us to stay on key with Your truth and love. Help us to sing Your praises this and every day in Jesus’ Name.


©2021, Mary Sayler


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, that is my story. I sing in the choir, but I can sing so much better when my friend Lynn is next to me. I'm glad to have company in this. Good company. I feel much better about my infirmity now. Thanks, Mar

Mary Harwell Sayler said...

Thanks. I suspect we all are at our best in the company of friends and other Christians!

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