July 10, 2017

Questions from an insomniac

During one of the several times I woke up last night, the idea for a book about sleep (or lack thereof) arose. I’ve since been doing biblical and online research on the topic, but I welcome your input as I want this investigation to include you and your concerns.

If thoughts come to you about any or all of the questions posed, please respond in the Comments section below.

1. What keeps you from going to sleep? (For instance, pain, medication, worry, caffeine, etc.)
2. Does anyone else in your family have sleep problems?
3. Once you’re asleep, do you wake up? How often?
4. What’s most apt to awaken you during the night?
5. How comfy are your bed and pillow?
6. Do you have a quiet space dedicated to sleep?
7. What helps you rest best? (For example, praying a particular prayer or recalling scripture)

Thank you for your responses to the above and anything else that might help those who have trouble sleeping as, reportedly, millions of us do!

Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2017

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