July 11, 2014

The good about getting older

What’s good about getting older? More than you might suspect! For starters, you can:

• Call almost everyone “Honey.”

• Give a teenager a quick hug without being weird.

• Be somewhat eccentric (as long as you know the date, your name, and the name of the current President.)

• Focus on things you always wanted to do but thought you first had to have a highly justifiable reason.

• Say “no” to projects that drive you up a wall.

• Dress for comfort (as long as you remember to comb your hair in the back and avoid smelling funky.)

• Write your memoirs for your family members while you still remember the time, place, and who your family members even are.

• Know your “life themes” and write about them.

• Ride the roller coaster of deep despair and high thrills by sending your poems and manuscripts to traditional publishing companies you've taken the time to research.

• Make up new words when “real ones” don’t come to you.

• Be glad your sweat no longer contains the small stuff.

• Recognize malarkey, hogwash, balderdash, and drivel when you hear it.

• Comment on the above with the experience and humor to back you up.

• Throw yourself into loving and being loved, thereby ensuring a throng at the memorial service in your honor.

• Say “I am who I am” and be happy with that, knowing God is The Great I Am, Who made you as you are.

© 2014 Mary Harwell Sayler, poet-author of Living in the Nature Poem and the Bible-based poetry book, Outside Eden,

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