June 3, 2013

Does one blog fit all?

This morning another writer announced that her blog just took an unexpected turn, and I thought, “Thank you for saying so!” Although blogs and websites have been around for a while, we’re still the First Generation of Bloggers or poets and writers who actively post on the Internet. Therefore, many of us might feel like we’re re-inventing the wheel, maybe because we are!

Some of us have so many ideas to discuss we don’t know where to begin. Or we start off with a blog we cannot possibly confine to one category.

So what do we do?

For me, trial-and-error has been full of trials and errors!

I keep hoping to have as few blogs as possible just to keep up, but my topics do not seem to be cooperating. For example, I’m highly interested in helping other writers, discussing poetry, and making the Bible come alive to show how relevant and timeless God’s Word is, but poets want to talk about poetry. Writers want to talk about writing. And people who want to pray Bible prayers might have no interest in poems or the concerns we have as poets and writers!

Having more than one blog takes more time but has some advantages:

A blog for each major topic gives you space to separate and organize your thoughts instead of trying to cram too much into each posting.

A blog for each topic gives you a wider reader base since your readers can hone in on what interests them. If they consistently find what they want, they’ll be apt to tell their friends.

A blog for each topic gives you a separate URL for each blog, allowing crosslinks or hotlinks from one blog to another. Reportedly, Search Engines take note of such activities, which can give each of your blogs a push toward higher visibility.

I do not know how or if I’ll be able to keep up with the blogs I feel led to write, but I thank you all for giving me a chance to try. Since I’ve already posted a number of new poems, prayers, and articles under the title Bible Prayers, Poems, and Promises, I’ll leave those in place in case you want to revisit them here. Otherwise, Lord willing, I’ll use this blog to post updates to the blogs, books, articles, poems, interviews, or whatever I’m doing on the Internet or elsewhere that might interest you.

Lord willing, I also hope to post:

Prayer-a-phrased prayers from the Daily Bible Readings on the Bible Prayers blog

Poems about Bible people (from my in-progress book) on the Bible People blog

Writing resources, articles, and info relevant to communicators for Christ on the Christian Poets & Writers blog

Poetry tips and info on the Poetry Editor and Poetry blog

Reviews of English translations, children's Bibles, and new study editions on the Bible Reviewer blog

Quick notes and hotlinks here on my personal blog to keep you updated on the above and also my news as a Christian poet and writer, who’s sometimes stressed but surely blessed by the work God has given me to do.

God bless you,

Mary Harwell Sayler


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