April 9, 2013

Jesus prays for us

Prayer-a-phrase of Jesus' last prayer on earth:

I Am coming to You now!

Until now,
I’ve been telling My followers many things
so they might have My joy.

I have given them Your word,
but the world detests them
because they do not belong
to anyone but You.

I’m not asking You
to take My followers out of this world,
but I pray for You to protect them from
the evil one.

My followers do not belong
to worldliness anymore than I do.

Oh, Father, make them holy
by Your truth!

As You have sent Me into the world,
I now send them.

Let My sacrifice count as theirs –
the ones made holy by Your truth,
sanctified by My prayers.

© 2013, Mary Harwell Sayler, prayer-a-phrased of today’s Bible reading from John 17:13-19


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