April 1, 2013

He is Risen!

After the Resurrection, Christ appeared to many people throughout Jerusalem and Galilee, and even then some did not believe, but Thomas did. Only a few days beforehand, the apostle had been willing to die for Christ, but he doubted the Resurrection until he saw for himself the wounds in Jesus’ hands and side. The Believing Thomas then exclaimed and proclaimed, “My Lord and my God!”

by Mary Harwell Sayler

Why did you doubt
the real live blood that sprouted
from Christ's side and bloomed
in the room where you gathered –

a bouquet of wine
poured behind
closed doors?

Could you not see the pores
opened, aching for you, always
to be, not beside yourself,
but Him?

His side lay bare to let you in,
so enter now. Come round His side
and worship Him again.

© 2013 Mary Sayler, all rights reserved. “Thomas” originally saw print in a 1998 issue of Central FL Episcopalian.


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