May 24, 2011

Interview with Christian writer Diana Wallis Taylor

Award-winning Christian novelist and poet Diana Wallis Taylor has been writing since she was twelve – poetry, short stories, and articles – and is now working on her fourth book of Biblical fiction for Revell. She and her husband have six grown children and ten grandchildren between them and enjoy such activities as fishing in Alaska, traveling to other fun places with Elderhostel, and spending time with the grandchildren. To order her books or find out more about her writing life, visit her website.

What do you most want to say to Christians who write?

Diana: Be true to your faith. To quote the founder of our San Diego Christian Writer's Guild, Dr. Sherwood Wirt, "The world doesn't need more Christian writers. It needs more Christians who write." Let your writing, even for the secular market, reflect the values you hold.

What changes do you see in Christian publishing?

Diana: More e-publishing and self-publishing are prevalent. Traditional publishers are depending more on sites like Writer's Edge and on agents to screen submissions for them. Secular publishers are buying Christian publishing houses because of the lucrative Christian market.

How do writing conferences or workshops help Christian poets and writers?

Diana: Pay your dues. If you are a beginning writer, go to the workshops, get in a critique group, read the books on writing and keep honing your skills. It will pay off in the end.

How can poets and writers improve their writing?

Diana: Get in a critique group and get feedback on your work. Even if you feel God gave you the poem, story or ___? He doesn't have poor grammar. Even with poetry, be prepared to write and re-write. Be gracious about accepting criticism as these fellow writers represent a cross section of readers who might read your work. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Thank you, Diana, for giving us the benefit of your experience and a glimpse into your Christian writer’s life. May God continue to bless you and your work.


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