October 22, 2018

Hashtag #Christ to the ends of the earth

Are you on Twitter? I am - @MaryHSayler - and also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites. I hope you'll join me in seeking and praying for ways we can use current trends and hashtags on social networks that extend into every corner and curve of the globe.

Every day newly trending topics are power-tools to reach countless people who wouldn't normally cross our tweet little paths. To give you an example, earlier today on Twitter, I saw that "Trends" included hashtag "NobodyWantsToHear," which gave me the opportunity to tweet this:

#NobodyWantsToHear "You screwed up!" or, worse, "You sinned!" But guess what. We all do. That's the bad news. The Good News is that #God forgives us in the name, sacrifice, and love of #JesusChrist. As we're forgiven in #Christ we're made perfect again! [Repeat the above!]


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