October 22, 2018

Hashtag #Christ to the ends of the earth

Are you on Twitter? I am @MaryHSayler and am also on Facebook, LinkedIn, MeWe, the Jesus Social Network, and other social media sites. I mention this in hopes of our connecting, of course, but also with the hope you'll join me in seeking and praying for ways we can use current trends and hashtags for Christ.

One way, for instance, to spread the Gospel into every curve and corner of the earth can occur if we simply see trending topics as powerful ways to reach countless people who would not normally cross our tweet little paths. 

For example, I once noticed that "Trends" on Twitter included the hashtag "NobodyWantsToHear." That little phrase gave me the opportunity to tweet this:

#NobodyWantsToHear "You screwed up!" or, worse, "You sinned!" But guess what. We all do. That's the bad news. The Good News is that #God forgives us in the name, sacrifice, and love of #JesusChrist. As we're forgiven in #Christ we're made perfect again! [Repeat the above!]

Each tweet can also include hashtags of your own making, especially if you tag key words you want to emphasize. Then, if you connect with a trending hashtag, your tweet will engage even more people.

For another example, I recently saw #5jobs trending, which brought to mind this response:

#5jobs Christians have: 1. Believe Jesus & let Him be Lord! 2. Love God & everybody else, even those who clearly are not God! 3. Get to know the #Bible well. 4. Tell others about the saving grace of #JesusChrist. 5. Gather with other #Christians and pray regularly.


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