August 13, 2018

A small fee can bring a big improvement in your writings

Writing in solitude may be part of our job as communicators for Christ, but improving our work often takes outside help. Anyone who likes you can give you a free pat on the back, of course, but if you would like an honest, courteous, and professional response to your manuscript with workable, practical suggestions from a longtime freelance poet, writer, and editor -- and lifelong reader of the Bible -- I'd be glad to hear about your writing project.

If you want to check me out first and see more about my current books or bio, visit my website.

Then, receive my feedback (for the same professional fee I've had for decades!), send $25 via PayPal. What's cool is that little fee for one critique of one project can help you to recognize what to improve, how to do it, and why in other manuscripts you've written as well as those yet to come!

Email marysayler(at)bellsouth(dot)net with your Word attachment of 3 to 6 double-spaced pages of poems, devotionals, sermons, prayers, or short manuscript for children. If you prefer to use snail mail, so do I! Just send your check and manuscript pages to me at P.O. Box 62, Lake Como, FL 32157.

Either way, use a plain 12-point font with text typed flush left.

Include your name, email and/or mailing address with a little about your writing goal and intended audience.

May God bless you and all you've been given to do in Jesus' Name.

Mary Sayler


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