June 18, 2018

Leading a Major Change in Your Ministry

When B&H/LifeWay Bloggers offered a review copy of Leading Major Change in Your Ministry by Jeff Iorg for my always-honest review, I ordered the paperback book eagerly since my church is going through unexpected changes, requiring those of us who regularly worship and study to step into leadership positions or close our doors.

I discussed our situation in a previous post, “Rejoicing in misery?” but frankly, I hope you won’t be compelled to go through such drastic changes for similar reasons. We had little choice, so deciding if we should make a big change wasn’t the problem we faced. Our need was and is for practical advice on how to lead our church family through a difficult time.

Although this book does offer ways that lead us into leading, those steps are not the primary focus as the title suggests. If, however, your church fellowship has begun to suspect a need for change, this book can help you discern what changes might be needed and when it’s time to put those decisions into action. For example:

“The key diagnostic questions are:

1.Is the change essential to the mission?
2.Is there shared urgency about the change?
3.Is relational trust high enough to sustain the change?
4.Is the timing right for the change?
5.Am I willing to see the change to completion?”

To show how those concerns might be dealt with, the author discusses transitions in his own church life and reminds us that major changes cause grief -- something our church family is still experiencing as we pray for God to lead us through each step, whatever that might be.

Mary Sayler, ©2018

Leading Major Change in Your Ministry, paperback

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