April 22, 2014

Outside Eden: Mary Harwell Sayler: 9780615994864: Amazon.com: Books

Hallelujah!Hallelujah! Kelsay Books has published my book of Bible-based poems, Outside Eden, which can now be found on Amazon with these kind words from other poets and writers:

Sometimes fierce and often funny or quick-witted, Mary Harwell Sayler's Outside Eden shows us what our world is now, after the fall, and what it can be. Where some would say of the wise men that their minds had “burned from watching stars,” Sayler “would keep the lyrics going as long / as she could speak with clarity and ease,” and so she does in this fine, heartfelt book of beautifully turned poems that remind us our “Bright Vision” is always, always “here.”
—Kelly Cherry, The Life and Death of Poetry and many other books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction

Mary Sayler’s new book of poems, Outside Eden, is filled with fervent, rounded visions of our exile and our return from exile. Old Testament people become new again, familiar and yet transformed into transcendent projections of a mysterious eternity. I think the book could be epitomized by these lines from the poem Elevation: “I am / dust. I am / uplifted. My breath / takes in the wonder and the wind.”
—Pavel Chichikov, A House Rejoicing and other books of poetry and nonfiction

To read the poems in Outside Eden is to take a walk in the understanding of Scripture, of faith, and of the human heart. We question, we doubt, but we keep walking forward. “In God's heart are / many chambers,” she writes, and Sayler seeks to find them.
—Glynn Young, poet and author of Poetry At Work

Outside Eden: Mary Harwell Sayler: 9780615994864: Amazon.com: Books

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